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Dog Training to make your life easier!!
Hello, welcome to Aim High K9!  Our goals are to help you and your dog live together and open the lines of communication between you.  When you know how to communicate with your dog everything is easier.  From the "come" command to a simple "sit- stay"  ours lives with our dogs are so much more enjoyable when we understand each other.   Our dog training is inboard and so easy because we do all the work for you. You have a better relationship with your dog, when your dog listens to you. Dog training made easy when you "Aim High".  Call us @ 330.754.5322 for an appointment or questions. 
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Aim High K9 is located in the Youngstown, Oh area. If you would like to contact us with questions about our services please call Aimee @ (330) 754-5322 or email
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Aim High K9
1516 Coitsville Hubbard Rd
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Aim High K9  
Inboard Dog Training
      Inboard training means that you leave your dog with us for a few weeks and at the end of the training you come and pick them up.  We do all the hard work for you.  Many people ask if someone else trains their dog will they still listen to them?  The answer is YES!!  Your dog will know that the command means the same thing no matter who is giving them the command.  Simply "sit" means to sit no matter who is telling you or what is going on around you.  When you pick up your dog we sit down with you and go over the commands and make sure you are comfortable with the training and how to use it. We also make you a DVD of your dog performing all their commands and showing you how to give and enforce them!  At Aim High K9 we want your complete satisfaction and that´s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our training. 

Dog Boarding @ $20.00 per night

Doggie Day Care @ $50.00 a week 

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