Aim High K9
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Client Testimonials
Andrea - Bair, Runt & Peiton
 Don and I both think that you rock! Bair, Runt and Peiton are doing soooo good! They stay right with us, come when called, listen and avoid most distractions! If anyone is doubting what Aimee can do... Please talk to me, because I thought our 3 Shar Pei's... were hopeless and she turned them around in 3 weeks! Our families can't believe how they have changed and how good they are....Thanks soo much Aimee... our lives are alot easier with us in control of them!

Shiloh & Kim
I just wanted to give you an update on Shiloh. I have been working a ton
of hours and have not really had much time to work with her over the last
couple of weeks. I decided to bring her to work with me today to see how
she would do with many distractions. I had her in a community office with
much traffic and kept her on place or down and she is doing amazingly well!

I have only had to correct her once back to place today. Everyone that
comes into the office stops and pets her and she is staying focused.

Thanks again!

Rommel & Family

I boarded my dog with Aim High K9 a few weeks ago and could not have been happier (neither could my dog). I love animals and baby my dog way more than I probably should. She invited us to bring him out for a visit before booking an appointment. We watched her interact with him and spoke with her. Aimee is very knowledgeable about the training and care of dogs. The kennels were clean, the yard was clean and the dogs that were there all looked great. We were impressed. We also opted to have her do some training with off leash recalls with our dog.

When we picked him up he was happy and healthy. He was actually in better shape than we left him. He had developed better stamina and some more muscle tone. Better yet, he was giving Aimee big kisses and was not in anyway fearful of her. His training results have been remarkable, he now comes when we call him, even if chasing a squirrel. She matched him with one of her dogs and let them play in the yard. She gave him time to run around and played fetch with him. She had even taken him to the park to practice his recalls. Which is all great because he did not just sit in his kennel all day everyday. A few days after leaving, Aimee contacted us to check on his progress and offer tips to help his recalls continue to go well.

And if you love your dog like we do ours, she encourages you to check on them throughout their stay. She has facebook and twitter which are updated and answered daily. Her website is just as impressive.

We couldn't be happier and would recommend Aimee and Aim High Kennel to anyone. We checked out several kennels before leaving our dog at Aim High K9 and after this experience, I would not hesitate to leave him there and use Aimee again any time.

Jeannine & Ava

  I just wanted to let you know that when my ex brought my son back home tonight he again said how amazed he is with your training and how you really know what you're doing.  Ava gets very excited at first when she sees him but after that she will just walk around or lay down at his feet playing with a toy.  While before your training she would literally be jumping up on top of him while he was sitting in the chair.  He hated coming over because she was a "beast."
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