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Training Packages....Limited Training available
At Aim High K9 we welcome you to visit us before you set an appointment up for your dog.  We know that leaving your dog with someone is a big step and we want to make absolutely sure you are comfortable leaving your family members with our family.  So come visit to walk through and talk with us before making up your mind.
    We do require that your dog be licensed with the state of Ohio.
    We require a current shot record to be on file.  Required shots include Dhlpp, Rabies, and Bordatella or Kennel Cough. 
    We require that you provide your own dog food when your dog comes to stay with us. This makes it easier for them to adjust without the stress of changing food too. 
    We do not charge extra for things like play time or socialization, we enjoy being around dogs and want them to enjoy themselves while they are with us.  
    There is also no extra charge if your dog is on medication that we must administer.

 You can get updates on your dog by following us on Twitter @aimhighk9 or searching on facebook for Aim High K9.  We try and update daily with activities and comments on the dogs staying with us.

Training-- we offer a core package of obedience commands for the everyday dog and owner, but we have learned that not every dog and owner have the same lifestyle so what we have done is given you a way to customize your training to your personal needs and build your own training package! All of our training carries a lifetime guarantee.  Also there is no equipment for you to buy, it all comes with the training.

Core Training Package-- 2 weeks inboard, includes the commands sit, down, stay, heel and an off command for no jumping, and place

Customizing options to add

Off leash Recall-- Aim High K9 believes that if you have a solid off leash come command then you can give your dog the freedom to be out with you and off leash.  With this command you will have the security of knowing that no matter what your dog will always come when called.
        When you add the recall command to your package your dog will need 1 extra week to stay with us.

Drop it-- How many times has your dog gotten something in their mouth that they are not supposed to have or something that may harm them?  With the "drop it" command you will be able to retrieve those items before they are destroyed or harm your dog.

Crate Training-- Crate training is a wonderful thing for puppies learning housetraining, dogs with seperation anxiety, or destructive dogs.  When your dog is home in a crate you know they are safe.  Crate training also makes traveling with your pet so much easier.

Off leash heeling-- This command teaches your dog to heel at your side when they are off the leash.  It is good for the active owner and dog who like to jog or hike.
    When you add the off leash heeling your dog will need 1 extra week to stay with us
Inhome Training
  Our newest and most involved training program for your dog.  With this program your dog lives in the house with us during training.  We treat them as our own and the training is extensive.  With this program your dog will learn all of their commands on AND off leash, including
Drop it
  For this program your dog will stay with us for 5 weeks of training.  At the end of the training you will get a DVD of your dog performing all of the commands and showing you how to give and enforce the commands.  The inhome program also comes with the Aim High K9 lifetime guarantee.
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