Aim High K9
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Other Services
$20.00 a night

We offer boarding for your k9 companion at a rate of $20 a night.  There are large indoor/outdoor runs and a exercise yard for your dog.
  Drop off and Pick up hours are 8am-7pm by appointment, every day of the week.
  We ask that you bring your own food for your dog so they do not get an upset stomach from switching foods. You can bring toys and a blanket/bed for your dog or we can provide them for you.
 If you live in Ohio then your dog must have a current Ohio license.  If you live out of state then you do not need an Ohio license.  Dogs must  have current shot record on file.  Shots required are
  1. DHLPP
  2. Rabies
  3. Kennel Cough
Aim High K9's Healthy dog Program
  Has your vet told your dog might be a little overweight?  Family and friends pick on your dogs weight?  When you go out to play do they get tired quickly?  Is your dog constantly getting table scraps from the kids?
  With our healthy dog program we can do the hard part for you of getting your dog in better shape.  We will put your dog on a weight control food, we use Iams.  We will exercise your dog daily and if they get along with one of our dogs we will let them play together to help burn more calories. 
  Keep in mind we do not guarantee any weight loss, we want your dog to be in better shape and that is what we strive for. 
   The Healthy dog program is 2 weeks inboard.
   Shots required are
   1.  DHLPP
   2.  Rabies
   3.  Kennel Cough

Follow us on twitter @aimhighk9 and facebook search aimhighk9 .  We give updates daily on activities and training. 
Doggie Day Care
$50 per week

Have a hyper dog who needs lots of exercise?  Have a dog with Seperation Anxiety who hates being home alone?  Or do you just want your dog to have a good social network and lots of friends?  The answer is Doggie Day Care!! 
  Let your dog come play all day and have fun while you are at work.
  We restrict our day care to 4 or 5 dogs so space is limited.  This way the dogs can play together without being overwhelmed by too many new friends. 
  Drop off hours are 7:30-9am and Pick up hours are 5-6:30pm. Monday thru Friday.
  All doggie day care dogs must have a current shot record on file.  Required shots are
  1. DHLPP
  2. Rabies
  3. Kennel Cough
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